Disclaimer: I am not here to give false hope or make empty promises. Therefore please remember that results will vary according to an individual’s unique situation that there is no guarantee of specific results. Lots of happy customers can be contacted independently via my Guestbook if you wish to confirm my authenticity. I offer a free of charge recast after 12 weeks if needed.You must be over the age of 18 to purchase anything from me. Any choices you make are your personal and legal responsibility. These spells and rings are not intended to replace medical or legal advice, which should always be sought from a suitably qualified professional. For entertainment purposes only. All rights reserved.

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What Happens When I Buy?

Buying a Wiccan Spell Ring is quite simple. I will ask that you let me know your full name and date of birth.

Your full name is needed since your spell will be personalised and unique to you. The energies generated will be designed specifically and only for you this way. Your date of birth is not required as part of the spell casting process. However, I have a legal obligation to ensure that all of my customers are over 18 and for this reason I ask for your date of birth.

I will then contact you (via your paypal email address unless you let me know an alternate email address) to confirm your details and to let you know when your spell is arranged to be cast.

If you buy a Moonlit Cast, Triple Cast or Midnight Triple Cast then your spell will be completed within 3 days of your purchase. If you buy one of the Full Moon or New Moon casting types then your spell will wait until the correct lunar cycle.

Your spell will be cast the evening and the energies I generate during the spell will be channelled  into the Wiccan Spell Ring. The ring, along with a paper copy of the words of your spell will be posted to the postal address given on your paypal payment. It will be posted the following working day.

All I ask that you do is to keep the ring safe and keep it close, so that you can receive the energies in the spell ring.