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The Wiccan Ring

Every spell casting includes a Wiccan Ring free of charge, which will be posted to you. The Wiccan Ring will hold the energy generated in your spell casting.The Wiccan Ring is made of agate. Agate is a delicate material and will not stand excessive wear and tear. It comes in a variety of colours. f you have a preference in colour please let me know. Otherwise you will receive a random choice of ring.

The Wiccan Rings are not sized, therefore I cannot guarantee you a particular sized ring. However, if you would like me to ensure I use an especially small ring or an especially large ring, this is fine. Please let me know.

Caring for the Wiccan Ring is important but not something you need to worry about. I will ask that you remain connected with the ring, so do not put it in a drawer and forget about it. But that does not mean that you must wear it all of the time. To stay connected to the ring, it needs contact with you. That will allow the energies from your casting to transfer from the ring to you.

You can gain this connection by wearing the ring or just holding it in your hands. You don’t necessarily have to wear the ring on your finger. You could wear it on a chain around your neck, on a keyring or in your wallet or purse for example. Please try to maintain your connection with the ring by holding it or wearing it at least once a week. If you’d prefer to wear it more than this, that is absolutely fine.